• manlio
  • Hi! I'm Manlio, nice to meet you.
    Basically, I'm an Italian doctor in computer engineering who loves to code/program, play videogames and listen to music. Sometimes I also create the last two. And let me tell you this: it was this love for videogames that brought me to this course in university.

    To be honest, when I was nine, I saw a friend of mine - she was waaaay older than me - playing World of Warcraft and I got stunned by the beauty and magic of that game, in a way that got me to take a decision: being a game dev.
    Growing up I realized that there are many things that I love like IoT, web programming, game development and so on.

    I love to learn new things, but I also love to improve what I already know.

    My skills verts on mid to high programming languages, I know C, C++, Java, Javascript, HTML5, CSS, PHP. I know also a bit of Assembly and C#.
    As for frameworks, I know Laravel and Node.js.
    Plus, I know MySQL and MongoDB.
    For the game-dev side, I know how to use Blender, Unity3D and Unreal Engine 4.
    If you need me... well, click that go-back button and contact me!